Terms & Conditions 

These terms and conditions are applicable to all services provided by Enroute Cleaning Services. Please read these terms and conditions, and by booking with us you are confirming that you’ve read and accepted these terms and conditions. 


  1. Booking

    1. We reserve the right to cancel bookings for any reason, including if weather is not suitable for the work.

    2. We do attempt to work in most weather conditions and ask that customers don’t cancel due to weather conditions as we can advise on whether or not it’s suitable. We reserve the right to refuse bookings if customers have cancelled before.

    3. We have the right to refuse bookings if working conditions are not deemed suitable by us. These include, but aren’t limited to: working in dangerous areas, if there’s not suitable space around a car to work comfortably, if there’s no drainage and other reasons determined by us.

  2. Pricing

    1. We will always do our best to provide you with a fixed quote.

    2. We reserve the right to amend the price if we feel the job is not as described or the job scope has changed since the quote was issued.

    3. We will always confirm and agree a new price before we start work so you are aware of the cost for completion.

    4. All prices online are to be used as a guide and taken as general or typical prices. All jobs can vary and we recommend you request an individual quote for your job.

  3. Payments

    1. We take payment by cash, by credit or debit card, or by direct bank transfer.

    2. We require that payment is received by us on completion of a job or soon after. 

    3. For those paying by bank transfer, we allow a 3 day window for this to be completed unless agreed otherwise.

    4. We can offer businesses 30 days to make payment but this needs to be agreed before the job begins.

  4. Customer Satisfaction

    1. Reviews on Google are encouraged and we may ask for feedback for marketing reasons.

    2. If you feel unhappy or unsatisfied with our work then we encourage you to contact us before leaving feedback or reviews as in most cases we can resolve any issues.

  5. Complaints & Refunds

    1. We can offer full and partial refunds if required.

    2. If you aren’t happy with our work then you have the right to complain, but we request the opportunity to resolve your issues before continuing to look at issuing a refund.

  6. Liability- Mobile Car Valet

    1. We won’t be responsible for any damages that happen before or after the cleaning/valet process that are due to the condition of the vehicle. Examples include paint peeling, corroded wheels, fabric odours and worn carpets. You are responsible for understanding the condition of your vehicle prior to booking a valet service and accept responsibility for damages caused due to it being old, badly repaired or of poor quality.

    2. We are responsible for accidental damage caused by our work to your vehicle or property.

    3. Due to the nature of the service, water and chemicals will be left to run away from the area we perform the valet in. We cannot accept responsibility for leakages of chemicals into the environment, including the area we perform the valet in. 

    4. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, delay or any additional costs incurred by the customer arising from the late arrival of an Enroute Cleaning Services operative to the client’s address.

  7. Liability- Carper or Upholstery Cleaning

    1. Moving items is not part of our paid services, but we will assist with moving furniture if needed.

    2. We reserve the right to refuse to move any large bulky items that could pose health & safety risks to our staff, or items that are delicate or of high value.

    3. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused to either property or items when moving. 

    4. We will not accept responsibility for issues or damages caused by our customers' property, such as by connecting our equipment to poorly wired plug sockets.

    5. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, delay or any additional costs incurred by the customer arising from the late arrival of an Enroute Cleaning Services operative to the client’s address.


“We should also add a mention about customer property too. Such as paving cracking when we move van onto or a badly wired plug socket then blows electric box. “


  1. Accidental Damages Caused by Cleaning

    1. In rare instances we could cause damage to your items during the cleaning process. We’ll always be upfront about this and take action to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

    2. We may do an inspection of your vehicle, upholstery or carpet before commencing cleaning, and will include photographs to document any pre-existing damages.

  2. Cleaning

    1. We cannot guarantee removal of all pet hair or residue. We always try our best to remove it, but results are dependent on the type of fabric and its overall condition. This extends to pet allergens too.

    2. We will work hard to remove stains in any job we do but some stains will be permanent and cannot be lifted or removed due to damage to the fabric. We can explain this to you during the job.

    3. We cannot guarantee that scratches can be removed with our valet process.

    4. In some rare cases, carpets may be affected by wet cleaning and can develop ripples or become misshapen. This is often temporary and the carpet will return to its original condition, but we will not take responsibility if this is permanent as it’s an unforeseen consequence caused by the carpet’s age, condition or an outside environmental condition.

    5. If we notice a possible risk during our pre-clean checks then we will highlight this to you and in some cases you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form.

    6. We will dispose of waste safely and correctly for carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs.

  3. Preparing Area for Service

    1. For carpet or upholstery jobs, we ask that you remove items from the area where possible and ensure the room is tidy for cleaning. Pre-vacuuming is recommended when possible

    2. For valet jobs, we ask that you ensure there is enough space around the vehicle for cleaning, and if possible a nearby space we can park our van.